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Jett Jackson feels like people only know him as Silverstone and decides to quit the show. Meanwhile, the real Silverstone is feeling like he doesn't belong at Mission Omega Matrix anymore. When an accident of the space time continuum makes the two switch lives each must pick up the pieces.
Jett decides to quit Silverstone and lead a normal life. On the day of his last episode he is hit on the head with a prop and in his dream he is Silverstone. He is the only one who realizes that this is a dream.
Great for the kids or any young children, from the ages of 5 - 16, hell, even adults can like it! Amazing story line, acting is superb and this is just all around fantastic. One of the best original Disney movies, I cannot believe how good the effects are, I'm very happy I watched this. Plus the the main actor is cute to boot, cute smile, bright teeth, beautiful slanted eyes. I recommend this if you want an action packed, suspense movie with a hint of comedy and you know how every Dis movie is, has to have a love interest. But regardless of the silly love parts, I cannot stress how wonderful this is. This is how Disney movies should be made!!
The movie is awesome. How can a TV movie be any better. Disney offers up plenty of action in this movie. The explosion sequence is pretty neat. The special effects are neat too. Most TV movies are very stupid. I like both "Zenon" movies and "Phantom of the Megaplex". I also like "Mom's Gotta Date With a Vampire". But Jett has some weird sequences that have never been seen in a Disney Channel movie. The sequence with New York without sound and color is needless to say WEIRD! Lee Young does decent job acting this thing out. Keep up the good work Disney Channel. I hope "The Jennie Project" is good quality too.

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